14 Must-Do Activities to Enjoy in Verona

Discover the 14 essential activities to experience the magic of Verona, from the iconic Arena to the impressive Church of San Zeno Maggiore. Immerse yourself in its history, art, and gastronomy. A unique experience awaits you!

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Things to do in Verona
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Ready to immerse yourself in charming Verona? This Italian city, immortalized by Shakespeare in "Romeo and Juliet," offers much more than a love story. From its iconic Roman Arena to its charming squares and culinary delights, Verona is a destination that captivates at every turn. Discover the wonders that this jewel of northern Italy has to offer!

1. Verona Arena: A Living Historical Icon

We begin our journey at the iconic Verona Arena, one of the best-preserved Roman amphitheaters in the world. Built in the 1st century, this coliseum still hosts events, from operas to concerts. In addition to enjoying a show, you can explore its history in the museum located inside, which offers a fascinating insight into life in ancient Verona.

2. Piazza Bra’: The Heart of Verona

The bustling Piazza Bra’, adjacent to the Arena, is the ultimate meeting point in Verona. Surrounded by buildings from different eras, it's ideal for soaking up the local atmosphere and enjoying Renaissance and Baroque architecture. Here, you'll also find a variety of cafes and restaurants where you can taste delicious Italian cuisine.

3. Juliet's House: A Must-Visit for Romantics

Juliet's House, though fictional, attracts visitors from around the world. From its famous balcony to the courtyard filled with love messages, this place evokes the eternal story of Romeo and Juliet. In addition to exploring the house, don't miss the Juliet Museum, which houses a collection of costumes, furniture, and art related to the legend of the world's most famous lovers.

4. Piazza delle Erbe: The Charm of the Ancient Market

Immerse yourself in history at the picturesque Piazza delle Erbe, where the ancient Roman forum gives way to a bustling daily market. Its medieval and Renaissance buildings create a unique atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy authentic Italian life as you stroll among colorful fruit, vegetable, and souvenir stalls. Don't forget to try some of the local products, such as Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and extra virgin olive oil.

5. Piazza dei Signori: Architectural Treasures

From Piazza delle Erbe, cross the arch della Costa di Balena to the charming Piazza dei Signori. This square is home to important public institutions and is adorned with Dante's statue. Here, you can immerse yourself in Verona's history while admiring the Renaissance and medieval architecture of the surrounding buildings. Don't miss the chance to visit the Loggia del Consiglio and the Palazzo della Ragione to learn more about the city's political past.

6. Arche Scaligere: Monumental Tombs

The Arche Scaligere, near Piazza dei Signori, are impressive medieval tombs honoring the Lords of Verona. Especially notable is that of Cangrande I, with its imposing equestrian statue. In addition to admiring their architectural beauty, you can learn about the history of the Scaliger family and their influence in the region during the Middle Ages.

7. Church of Santa Anastasia: Artistic Treasures

Discover the Gothic beauty of the Church of Santa Anastasia, home to works of art such as the famous fresco by Altichiero. Don't miss the chance to explore its interior with an audio guide, which will take you through its side chapels decorated with impressive religious artwork. Additionally, you can learn about the history of the church and its importance in Verona's religious life over the centuries.

8. Church of San Fermo Maggiore: A Two-Level Gem

This unique church, composed of two levels from different periods, offers a fascinating look into Verona's history. In the lower part, from the 11th-12th centuries, you'll find frescoes from that era, while the upper part, in Gothic style from the 13th and 14th centuries, houses later artworks. Explore its corridors and admire the Annunciation by Pisanello, a 15th-century fresco that is a true gem of Renaissance art.

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9. Duomo: The Religious Heart of Verona

The Cathedral of Verona, Santa Maria Matricolare, is a masterpiece of various architectural styles. In addition to its impressive facade and Gothic interior, the cathedral houses a rich collection of sacred art, including paintings, sculptures, and relics. Don't miss the chance to explore the Romanesque cloister, which offers a peaceful escape from the city's hustle and bustle.

10. Crossing the Adige: Discover the Other Shore

If weather permits, cross the Adige River and explore the churches and panoramic views on the other side. The Church of Santa Maria in Organo, with its impressive carved choir, and the Church of San Giorgio in Braida, though under restoration, offer a unique glimpse into Verona's religious architecture. Additionally, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city from the viewpoint at Castel San Pietro, which offers a unique perspective of Verona's main monuments.

11. Corso Cavour and Porta dei Bórsari: A Historical Stroll

Walk along the picturesque Corso Cavour, flanked by Renaissance palaces, until you reach the ancient Porta dei Bórsari. This city gate, dating back to Roman times, is a reminder of Verona's glorious past and offers a fascinating glimpse into Verona's history. Additionally, you can learn about the "bursarii," the bishop's tax collectors, who gave this medieval gate its name.

12. Castelvecchio and Ponte Scaligero: Medieval Verona in All Its Splendor

Admire the imposing Castelvecchio from the outside and cross the majestic Ponte Scaligero, a medieval bridge rebuilt after World War II. The castle houses the Castelvecchio Museum, which offers a collection of medieval and Renaissance art, as well as temporary exhibitions. Don't miss the chance to explore its towers, courtyards, and walls, which offer a unique insight into Verona's history.

13. San Zeno Maggiore: A Romanesque Jewel

Conclude your day by exploring the stunning Church of San Zeno Maggiore, an outstanding example of Italian Romanesque art. Its portal and bronze doors, from the 12th century, are a feast for the eyes. Additionally, its two-level interior is simple yet majestic, with a breathtaking atmosphere that transports you to another era. Don't miss the altarpiece by Andrea Mantegna in the main altar, the Virgin and the Saints, which is a Renaissance gem and a masterpiece of Italian art.

14. Verona's Hills

Verona's hills offer a serene and natural refuge just a few kilometers from the urban center. With well-marked trails and panoramic views, it's the ideal place for outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling. Additionally, it's home to vineyards and wineries where you can enjoy wine tastings and immerse yourself in the local winemaking tradition. Don't miss the chance to explore this oasis of tranquility and discover a different side of Verona, both for nature lovers and wine enthusiasts.

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An Extra Tip! Discover Verona's Gastronomic Pleasures

After a day full of exploration, you deserve a delicious culinary reward. Verona's typical cuisine is known for being rich and comforting, much like many others in northern Italy.

Try the bigoli, a type of pasta characteristic of the region, served with a variety of sauces. Bigoli con le sarde, prepared with sardines, is especially popular. Don't miss the chance to taste pasta e fagioli, a classic Venetian dish also found on many menus in Verona. Risottos are another highlight of local cuisine, with risotto all’amarone, prepared with wine, and riso al tastasal, with minced meat, being some of the most tempting options.

For mains, try the lesso con la pearà, a traditional Veronese boiled dish that is sure to comfort you after a day of exploration. Additionally, don't be surprised to find dishes made with horse meat, such as pastissada de caval, a local specialty. And of course, no meat dish would be complete without being accompanied by polenta, a staple of northern Italian cuisine.

If you visit Verona during the Christmas season, don't miss the chance to try pandoro, a delicious typical sweet from the city. Head to one of the local artisan bakeries, such as Flego or Perbellini, to enjoy this Christmas delight.

Enjoy an authentic culinary experience and savor the unique flavors of Verona during your trip!

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With these essential activities, Verona awaits you with open arms! From its ancient history to its gastronomic delights, this city will captivate you at every turn. Don't wait any longer to explore its charms and create unforgettable memories!